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If you do any "shopping around" in this area you'll find there are several ways of pricing out web design services such as those provided by Bizhand.Com.

Bizhand.Com has simplified pricing for all services to an hourly rate. Our hourly rate method of pricing allows clients the freedom to request something other than the "standard" page or services and not have to worry about upcharges later on. And our hourly rate is the same for all types of services. We mention this as you may find designers who charge hourly rates based on the type of work they are doing. This would mean you are paying them one hourly rate for graphics work, another for scripting, another for html, and other rates for other types of special work. Obviously, that method can end up with it being very hard to know what you are going to pay for a site.

Another unique part of Bizhand.Com pricing is that we bill in ten minute increments. This ensures clients aren't paying for thirty minutes worth of work (the smallest billing increment many other designers use) to make a small update to a site. This results in significant savings for our clients over time.  See our packages under the submenu on this page to get precise site design pricing for your needs.

Our Hosting Pricing
Our web hosting services are some of the best hosting values around. We base our hosting fees on your site needs—primarily the amount of space you will need to host all the images, files, and content of your site.

We also provide discounts for multiple site hosting—meaning you may have two businesses or services that need multiple web sites. Using Bizhand.Com as your host will allow you to get those two sites top quality, professional hosting at a discounted rate.

Bizhand.Com keeps your hosting rate low and competitive by billing hosting is six month increments. This reduces the overhead for us and allows us to offer you a great rate in the process.  See our packages under the submenu on this page to get precise hosting pricing for your needs.

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