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Hosting Explained
Hosting can be a confusing for people first looking to have their own website.  Once you understand that a hosting service is different than an internet connectivity service it becomes easier to understand.  People who connect to the internet to see websites and send and receive email need a service to connect them, and that may be over a phone line, cable connection, or wireless carrier.  When you have your own website, you also need a host.  A host is the business that will make room on the internet for your webpages to reside 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   A host will set up the email accounts that go with your chosen web address.  A host will provide statistics and other services than enhance your website.

What to consider in a Host
As you might guess, your host is the number one critical link in making sure people see your website.  Choosing a qualified host is, therefore, one of the most important choices you'll make as you launch a website.  Some things to consider when choosing a host include:
* Data Center   Is your host putting your webpages on a machine located in their basement office or are they using a state-of-the-art data center?  Bizhand.Com uses one of the countries largest Data Centers, located in a part of the country that is free from natural disasters.  The data center is staffed 24 hours a day.  It's climate controlled.  It's a secure environment and has redundant connections to the internet through major providers such as Qwest, ATT, Sprint, UUNet, and more. It has several backup power options and over 6000 servers providing website services to hundreds of thousands of websites in the country.
* Service   Outside of Bizhand.Com, few web designers know the technical aspects of hosting.  A designer typically creates graphics and web pages and maybe does some light scripting work to get your website looking good and functioning.  That makes most designers a poor choice for a hosting provider because they're often going to have you speak with other contacts or have to translate your requests to others and wait for answers and implementation.  Bizhand.Com is not like that.  Our technical skills are such that we are your one and only source of contact of all your website and hosting needs.  We log into servers and install program updates, modify server configurations for stats, spam, redirections and more and get your site tailored to your needs. We can be a bit geeky as we set cron jobs, pico files, make ssh connections, chmod files, and much more (see what we mean!).  But the point remains, we understand hosting servers from a technical standpoint and that benefits you.  One source of contact for all your website service needs.  It's almost unheard of, but we make it happen at Bizhand.Com!
* Integration  Your choice of host determines, to some extent, the tools available to your web designer/developer for creating your website.  Because Bizhand.Com is both a host and a designer/developer firm we make certain their are no limits to the toolsets available when creating your site.  A prime example of what you can run into without an integrated host/developer is a situation we ran across for a client.  They wanted a special application on their site.  We could do it and satisfy their needs, but there outside host wasn't cooperative with the process and made it tough for us and for the client.  The client left that host and put everything with us and remains with us to this day (and this was a few years ago) because they know we can make things work for them.

We understand it can be a confusing topic.  Use the submenu on the right to find out more details about our hosting or contact us and we'll answer all your questions!

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Bizhand.Com hosting begins at $20 monthly and that package satisfies the needs of most of our clients.

Keep in mind our hosting is available for sites you already have developed or develop on your own or with an outside developer.

Other hosts we've looked at generally have business hosting in the $35 - $75 range to start and go up from there. Go figure.

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