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Bizhand.Com is able to set up a secure server for those clients needing this service.  A secure server is one that is verified by an outside authority and assures your customers that your Web site is authentic and that all transactions are secured by SSL encryption.  Like domain names the internet has several businesses which provide this service for clients.  Bizhand.Com uses Verisign.  And, like domain names, a secure certificate issued by one of these businesses is not something you own but something you use and renew each year. 

Prices range from $249 - $1495 annually, depending on your needs.  If your site is involved in e-commerce to any degree this is one of the parts of the puzzle you will need to maintain. (along with shopping carts, merchant service accounts, and possible other processing fees depending on how it's set up.)  Bizhand.Com can help you work through all the scenarios and suggest the most cost effective one for your particular business.

Verisign secure siteWhat you get
A secure server allows you to verify your business to site visitors (when they click on the site seal) and have the padlock displayed in the status bar (displayed and turned on—not exactly the same thing). 

Generally speaking, sites that are secure are involved in some level of e-commerce on an ongoing basis.

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