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Why Bizhand.Com?
So many people say they can design and build a website. A friend, neighbor, high school kid, a relative, and the list goes on. But building a website and building a compelling, effective and affordable website are two very different things!!

The internet is full of examples of shoddy work. So many sites can't find the mix that will best serve their business. They end up with "cool, animated graphics" that don't blend with the background or are employed so frequently that the site becomes "too busy." A common theme is poor navigation. Those sites where you can't find your way around due to poor design. Some use the latest, greatest technology just to "show off," not because it's adding value or effectiveness to their product or services. The list of web elements that are continually handled poorly by many designers could go for several pages.

Bizhand.Com serves your business by providing affordable and effective design techniques, with the right mix for your business, to best showcase your products or services. We want to know details about your company, your products, and your services. The reason is simple. It allows us to integrate your website into the other sales, marketing, and communication efforts of your business—and that's the key to creating great sites.

Our partnership with businesses like your own is genuine. We learn what you do and use our business background to approach professional site design with the "big picture" in mind. That makes all the difference! Read on to get a better idea of the Bizhand.Com advantage.

Make Comparisons
Go take a look at the sites of other designers.   Look for the breadth of information they provide about their services.  Do they go into detail or do they only present a "give us a call and we'll talk" line throughout their own site?  If they can't convey the scope of their services online how can you trust them to convey the abilities of your business online?  Yes, brevity can be important, but it can also be the sign of a lazy, unskilled designer/developer who doesn't understand marketing and the need to craft sites that provide useful content.  Put us head to head with any developer/designer and we're confident our site will best describe what we do.

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73% of business owners have a website in operation or in development.

Thomas Regional, October 2003

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