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E-Commerce is an often misunderstood term so it's appropriate to discuss the many forms of it.  At one end of the spectrum you can show products on your site and visitors can see an item and send you an email saying I want that "widget" and all the details are worked out and you're paid via invoicing or credit card over the phone or in some offline manner.

At the other end of the spectrum your site uses a shopping cart and people select items, figure out shipping costs and have their credit card processed through your site (or backend processing sites that your site links to) and you'll never (in most cases) even speak to the customer.  Bizhand.Com is willing to work with clients and suggest e-commerce arrangements that best suit your needs, whether it's large or small.  Many developers are "one size fits all," and when e-commerce, in it's full blown form, can cost tens of thousands of dollars it's not always the first, or best, step for your business.

A Paypal E-Commerce Example
Here you'll see an example of Bizhand.Com using Paypal to allow a customer to sell products and receive payments over their web site.  Paypal was requested by this client as many of their visitors were familar with it because similar items are sold on Ebay using Paypal.  In most cases Bizhand.Com would not suggest a PayPal solution but it was a good fit for this particular client.

Again, working with our clients and understanding their needs and the expectations of their site visitors is the key to providing great internet solutions.

E-commerce on a Secure Server
Bizhand.Com hosting also allows for more robust E-commerce solutions using a combination of a secure server that allows taking credit card information via your site and a transmission system and acknowledgement system that provides a secure solution to ordering from the secure site.  This solution is less than a full blown shopping cart system and more professional than a paypal solution.  More information on this is on our site under "Hosting."
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70.9 percent of 2002 Internet users said they look online for products or services and then buy offline
in stores or businesses.

UCLA Surveying the Digital Future, February 2003

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