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While a simple email address on a web site can allow site visitors to make contact with you, using a form (a section of a page where visitors complete a given set of information) is generally a better way to go for a number of reasons.

  *   Forms help keep spam down
  *   Forms ensure you get adequate information from site visitors/prospects.
  *   Form Content can be forwarded to a number of people in your company "behind the scenes."
  *   Form Content can be returned to the person completing the form—helping them visually see that their submission was successful.
  *   Form content can be validated to ensure the form is completed correctly.
  *   With standards realized by forms a business recipient can automate replies into a contact manager or other database.

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What's Spam?

Spam is the internet term for unsolicited emails.

Use of a form on a website helps eliminate spam because the tool of many spammers is a program that crawls your site looking for an email address.  Use of a form hides the email address, hence, no spam!


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