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Password Protection
Until they see what it can do for them many clients might not even consider having an area of their site where they can restrict access to groups of individuals.  There are many uses for such a feature and Bizhand.Com can show you how to make the most of password protection.

Password Protection is often used for "Staff Only" areas of a website. What would you put in such a section?  Well, we have clients who put their employee handbook and policies and procedure on their website and it works great for that.  Another use is staff access to Administrative documents needed to run the organization.  Doing this means any staff member from any computer can download an expense report or contract template, as well as sales presentations and more.  There really is no limit to using password protection in this manner.

Another use can be to have a special client area where you can have a client login and see information unique to their account.  Again, the uses are endless.

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