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Spam Tutorial
Spam is the internet term for unsolicited emails.  This type of mail has gotten completely out of control for anyone who uses the internet with any frequency.  These emails often are pitches for a variety of items/schemes that include: home loans, viagra, pornography offerings, personal ad sites, insurance, scan your PC, debt consolidation, work from home, and the list goes on and on. Bizhand.Com has installed a filter at the server that can be turned on for users wanting spam filtering to their email account.

Once activated, every piece of mail for the active account gets routed through the spam filter (it doesn't slow your mail delivery down). The filter "scores" the email for characteristics of spam by analyzing the content in a number of ways. If it determines it is spam the mailserver then tags it with *****SPAM******* in the subject line and delivers it to your account. For the filtering to work optimally you need to set up a folder in your email client and route all messages with ******SPAM********* in the subject line into the folder. This results in your inbox not being overwhelmed with this junk mail and it all goes straight into a folder called Spam on your machine. You can then periodically check that folder and make sure nothing slipped through that was a desired message and delete all the spam in the folder.

While there are other solutions out there that will make it so the spam is not even delivered to you, that is not advisable because you may have some valid mail slip into this spam category on occasion. Thus, the filtering helps manage the spam without it cluttering your inbox. It won't catch 100% of it (because new types are being sent each day) but the system can be taught to catch something that is slipping through the filter so it will be caught in the future.

While there is a slight cost to adding this to your account, it's very likely it will make you more productive because of alleviating some of your SPAM headaches and housekeeping.

If you'd like to have this activated, just let us know and we'll schedule a time to get it taken care of. If you've already had it activated you may use the tutorial below to set up your filtering.

Step-by-Step Spam Tutorial
1. With Bizhand.Com's spam filter, any spam that comes through our servers, should be marked with *****Spam***** in the subject line before it reaches your Inbox.  This optional service is activated on a user by user account basis and what follows is a step-by step tutorial which explains what you need to do on your end—using Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail client.  Other clients work similarly.

spam tagged

2. Message Rules
With Outlook open, click on the Tools menu, then select Rules Wizard.

outlook inbox

3. New Rule
In the Rules Wizard screen click the New button to create a new rule.

rules wizard

4. Setting Rule
Select the Move messages based on content option from the first selection box.

rules wizard move messages

5. Configuring Search Text
Click on the text specific words in the Rule Description box.

rules wizard text

6. Setting Search Text
Enter *****SPAM***** (that's five asterisks on each side) into the Add New text box and click the Add button. Then click OK.

rules wizard *****SPAM*****

7. Setting Folder
Click on the text specified in the Rule Description selection box.

rules wizard move to

8. The window below will open.  We want to have Inbox highlighted and click New... to create a new folder where we can store spam.

select a folder

9. Creating New Folder
Enter "Spam" as the name of the new folder and click OK.

new folder

10. Shortcut
Click Yes to create a shortcut to the newly created Spam folder on your Outlook bar.

outlook shortcut

11. Selecting New Folder
Your new folder will be created and automatically selected for you. Click OK to continue.

spam folder

12. Creating Rule
Click Finish in the Rules Wizard screen.

final rule set

13. Finishing Rule
Click OK to finish creating the rule. Your rule will begin working when you next receive a new SPAM email.

confirm spam rule

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Contact Bizhand.Com if you have any difficulties and we can arrange a time to talk you through these steps on the phone.
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A Spam Stopping Idea

Consider using your catchall (if set up on your system) account to avert spam.

With a catchall account you can go ahead and use any email address you can imagine at your domain name and that can benefit you when it comes to fighting spam.  If you register for something at some site consider using the site name followed by your domain.com for your email address.  So it might be site@abc.com.  If you begin to receive spam at the site@abc.com address you'll know who either sold or is abusing the email address and then we'll set up an account outside the catchall to catch the emails and reject them before you even see them!




























































































































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