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Webmail Tutorial
Most sites we set up on our server have a feature called Webmail available to users.  Webmail allows you to check your email from any web browser.  You may be at a convention or hotel or away from your office at a training session.  For these uses webmail can be very handy.  You access the system at http://webmail.yourdomain.com  and then log-in with the username and password assigned to your email account.  Once you've logged in you'll have access to messages and be able to send messages. This tutorial explains that process very briefly.  Webmail isn't a full-featured email solution but it can get the job done, and done very well, under certain conditions.  Also note, that a separate tutorial covers our standard e-mail setup.  Use the menu at the right to access that tutorial. (Apologies in advance if this page takes a long time to load, the tutorial graphics are extensive.)

Log-in to the Bizhand.Com Webmail Screen
Go to http://webmail.yourdomain.com and use the username and password assigned to your email account. 
Note the layout of your inbox
On the left you have links to various sections of webmail, such as compose a message, folders, contacts, etc....  The main body of the page is the inbox.  Click on any word in the subject line to open the message.
See the individual message
Below is an individual message.  It works much like a regular email program.  Read it and reply or forward or what have you.
Sample Message

Compose a new message
From the navigation menu on the left hand side click on "Compose" and a new message composition page will open up in a new window (see below).

As with normal e-mail programs enter the relevant details regarding the TO, CC, BCC fields and then enter the Subject details in the subject box.

compose a message

Compose your normal e-mail message in the blank message field in the middle of the page.

If you want to send attachments, continue with these instructions. If not, just press "Send Message" button in the top right corner.  That's it!

To attach a document
Click on the "Browse" button next to the Attachment field (see above) and you will be presented with a file open dialog (see below), from here browse to and select the file you want to attach and then click "Open".

select a file

Once you have done this the path to this file will now appear in the attachment field, from here click on "Attach".

Click "Send Message" and your done!
There are many other features to webmail.  The built in help system (click the question marks in the program) might prove valuable to understanding them, although nothing beats just experimenting and sending yourself test messages until you feel comfortable with the interface.
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While you're setting up your email services keep in mind we can do some great things with email to make your business more efficient and professional.  Consider just a few:

Away from the office?  Have Bizhand.Com set your email to autorespond to any messages while you're away.  You determine the message and email us to start and stop the service and we make it happen!

Consider having Bizhand.Com set up mail groups for your staff to help with communications.  We set up one email address and then subscribe people to it.  So you may send an email to staff@abc.com and your whole staff will get the message. Do the same for sales@abc.com, etc.  You can even add addresses from outside your domain name to the groups.

When a staff member leaves your employ don't immediately delete their email address.  Have Bizhand.Com forward all their email to another staff member so you can make your contacts aware of the change before doing away with the account.

Make sure someone who hits the wrong key when sending you email will still have their message get through by setting an address to receive all mail addressed to someone other than a user on the system.  This is also great to help a small company seem larger or to track responses to a marketing campaign tied to your website without having to set-up numerous new accounts.  We'll show you how!












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