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Before getting to our design fees and packages, let's cover hosting.  Very simply, our hosting packages begin at $20 monthly.  That rate is generally $15 less than most professional business hosting services. While issues such as number of email addresses, size of site, types of services may impact your hosting fees, we can safely state that 75% of our clients do just fine with the $20 monthly hosting plan.

Design Packages
Bizhand.Com has developed some packages to give you an idea of what to expect in the area of pricing.  They are explained briefly below and we look forward to providing details on any package you might find suits your business.

New Client Package—For new clients we'll bill at $52/hr for first 30 days of our relationship.  That's a savings of 25% off our regular $70/hr. rate (which is half the rate of some other design firms!).  For new clients who host with us we'll also keep costs down with a special three month hosting arrangement instead of the typical six. With an average medium-sized business site (like some of the example sites in our portfolio) an entire design project for a completely custom site with graphics and, search optimization, forms, scripting, and more runs in the $1800 - $2800 range.  Our New Client Package aims to keep those initial costs down (25% savings!) to get your project up and running at an affordable cost.

Member Package—For new clients who have current membership in a Chamber of Commerce or the Home Builder's Association we bill at $49/hr for the first 30 days of our relationship.  That's a savings of 30% off our regular rate.  You also pay for only four months of hosting and get two months free during the first six months hosting.  Our Member Package aims to keep those initial costs down (30% savings!) to get your design project up and running at an affordable cost.

Small Business Starter Package—For new businesses that have minimal website needs or a very small budget we have created this package that results in web presence for $695 complete!  This purchases 12 hours of design work, your domain name for one year, three months hosting, and purchase of a semi-custom site graphics package that we use to build a five page site for your business.  The site can contain up to five graphics/images and the hosting will come with three email accounts.  The value of this package is $1000.  That's a whopping 30% savings off our regular rate! If necessary, work over 12 hours in the first 30 days will be billed at the $52/hr discount rate.

Each of the packages above is based on a one year hosting and design contract.

Site Updates and other Fees
The normal labor rate for all Bizhand.Com work is $70/hr.  This includes site renovations, updates to a site, changes of graphics, configuring email accounts, planning site changes, administering domains, troubleshooting, scripting, forms work, database work and any other labor.

Current clients can take advantage of our Development Labor Packs.  Purchased in advance in 8 hour increments, a Development Labor Pack puts the labor rate at $60/hr. for all work on your site.

In all cases a new client may use any rate from the New Client or Member Packages to reduce the labor rate for the first 30 days labor as long as their hosting is being handled by Bizhand.Com.  For example, if you have your own site, but want it renovated, Bizhand.Com can work on it at a reduced rate for the first 30 days if we handle your hosting.  If you have your own site and would like a special feature installed or graphic created we will work at the discounted rate that fits you best for the first 30 days if we handle your hosting.

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What do others charge?

The "preferred" web designer from the local chamber of commerce charges a "special" chamber member rate of $110/hr!

When the Bizhand.Com discount rate for a member is less than half that amount we have to question the definition they use when they say "special!"

A free consultation will allow us to help you set a budget and plan a site.  Contact us today!


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