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On this page we offer a number of relevant search links from some of the more popular search engines.

Please don't fall for the hype of these companies that contact you and claim they can get you into thousands of search engines or directories.  If they even follow through on what they claim (and we can almost assure you they won't) you'll be in directories that are used by a miniscule number of internet users.

And any company that tells you they can move you to the top of the search engine rankings for $19.95, $29.95, $59.95, or any amount each month is also likely trying to sell you a bill of goods.  You get into search engines by having effective, optimized pages, and a short, focused campaign to get added to the key players. 

While you may want to have Bizhand.Com optimize your site as often as quarterly (but likely only annually) there isn't ever a need for a monthly service and we're convinced that most of them are scams.

With all of that covered, the graphics below lead to some pretty helpful search sites.  All will open a new browser window.  Enjoy!
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Ask Jeeves
MSN Search
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