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Many businesses want to make sure their site is listed in Yahoo.  I must tell you the Bizhand.Com recommendation varies by the type of business, needs of a client, and the changing climate of search strategies.  We cannot say that every business needs to focus on getting into Yahoo.  However, for those who want to get into the directory Yahoo now charges a fee to "look at your site and say they'll include you or that they won't include you."  The fee at the time of creating this page was $299.

That fee guarantees they will give you an answer within 7 days. That's it.  If you are accepted (and Bizhand.Com can tell you with near absolute certainty if you will be or not) then that $299 fee becomes a recurring annual fee to stay in their directory.

Inclusion in Yahoo's directory will likely help you in other directories and search engines.  If you are trying to get a new business noticed in a hurry then there definitely might be value in using this method of getting into yahoo. 

At the same time, with the volatility of the search engine marketplace and many business budgets being what they are, it might bode well for you to see if the robots, spiders, and crawlers place you in the major search engines (including Yahoo's new search engine) before paying to get into Yahoo's directory.

If you'd like to find out more about the service to get into Yahoo's directory under the program described above, click the Yahoo graphic below and a new window will open with details.

Yahoo Business Express

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